Halloween Math Games

Halloween MathTrick or treat! These cool Halloween math games are hands-on, engaging, and get kids excited about learning math! This website is packed with spooky favorites and monster games. Kids love Halloween, and these activities won't disappoint.

These interactive games are Common Core aligned and iPad compatible.

These cool monster math games are a lot of fun, and educational in the same time.

1st Grade Halloween Math Game
What a great way to practice adding whole numbers within 20! Playing this fun, online 1st Grade Halloween Math Game gives you plenty of fun practice.

Sums to 10 Halloween Math Game (New)
Try this really fun Halloween math game and practice your math skills to destroy a lot of "monsters." For each correct answer, you will enter a bonus round where you can earn points by smashing monsters. The math problems are about adding numbers up to 10.

2nd Grade Halloween Math Game
How many monsters can you destroy? Play this cool and interactive math game to find out.

Add Three Numbers Halloween Math Game
Play this fun online halloween math game to practice adding three numbers up to 20.

3rd Grade Halloween Math Game
Have fun catching monsters while solving different math problems about measurement.


3rd Grade Rounding Halloween Math Game (New)
Round numbers to the nearest ten or hundred in this fast-paced online math game. In order to get to the bonus round, you must try to "blast" as many Halloween "monsters" as you can in the available time.

4th Grade Halloween Math Game
Solve these math problems about changing expanded numbers to standard numbers and get a fun chance to "blast" the Halloween Monsters in this fun 4th Grade Halloween Math Game.

Division Halloween Math Game
This Division Halloween Math Game is an awesome way to practice and get better at dividing whole numbers with and without a remainder. The bonus round is really a lot of fun as you try to battle the strange and scary halloween creatures.

Estimate Quotients Halloween Math Game
Play this awesome Estimate Quotients Halloween Math Game to get plenty of practice estimating quotients by using compatible numbers. Strengthen your math skills and have fun destroying spooky monsters.

5th Grade Halloween Math Game
Let your 5th grader tackle these problems in ordering multi-digit whole numbers in the hundreds, thousands, and millions by playing this fun and exciting 5th Grade Halloween Math Game.

6th Grade Halloween Math Game
Find the greatest common factor and the least common multiple in this fantastic 6th Grade Halloween Math Game.

7th Grade Halloween Math Game
7th Grade Halloween Math Game gives students great practice using the percent proportion to solve math problems.


Multiply Decimals Halloween Math Game
Play this cool Multiply Decimals Halloween Math Game to test your math skills about multiplying decimals and have fun "taking down" spooky monsters. For each correct answer to a math problem, you will enter a 30-second bonus round.

Unit Rate Halloween Math Game.
Have fun with this Unit Rate Halloween Math Game as you gain more experience in determining unit rates.

8th Grade Halloween Math Game
Play this 8th Grade Halloween Math Game as you gain practice to convert fractions to decimals and also decimals to fractions.

Integer Math Game
Play this fun Halloween game, and have a blast destroying different monsters while adding and subtracting integers.

System of Equations Halloween Math Game (New)
In this great System of Equations Halloween Math Game, students find the solution for a system of equations. A correct answer gets them to the bonus round to battle halloween monsters for points. The clock is ticking, so work quickly.


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