Math Pirate Games

Math Board GamesFor those who are looking for math games that engage students in a way that is challenging and data driven, these math pirate games are just what you need. The games are designed in a pirate game format where the students must successfully solve math problems in their quest to obtain the treasure chest filled with riches beyond measure (just for fun, of course).

Count to 5 Pirate Game (New)

Count pictures of cats, books, and other objects up to 5 in this online math pirate game.

Multiply Numbers Ending in Zeroes Pirate Game (New)

Play this math pirate game and correctly multiply numbers ending in zeroes as you collect the tools, equipment, and people needed to search for and find the treasure chest loaded with sparkling riches. Don't forget the treasure map.

Exponents Pirate Game (New)

Solve exponent math problems to get all the tools and people you need to find the hidden treasure in this fun math game.


Rounding Numbers Pirate Game (New)

Collect the treasure map, ships, shipmates, and other items needed to search for the colorful "riches" that await as you round numbers in this fun rounding numbers pirate game.

Adding and Subtracting Integers Pirate Game

Add and subtract integers in this fun math pirate game.



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